Poq students at lunch
Poq students in classroom
Poq students in cafeteria
Poq students working on task
Poq students working in class
Poq students in classroom
Teacher assisting Poq students in class

Poquonock School Calendar

Our Mission: To develop the genius in every child and create life-long learners. 

"I was so impressed when I received a positive phone call from my son's teacher on the first week of school.  It was clear to me that she really took time to get to know him."


"They say 'home is where you hang your heart' and that's exactly what i do here at Poquonock.  It's home away from home where my co-workers feel more like home for children.  It's a privilege to work at a school where all staff put in 110 percent.  It's clear that there are a lot of hearts hung all over this school."


"When you come to Windsor you don't get a school, you get a community."

Tracie Peterson - Principal